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Neighbor Dogs

We took advantage of some of our neighbors that we didn’t know existed. Rugby and I went for a walk, looking to practice are signals. RIGHT by our house we heard this racket, or to be specific, about 5 toy dogs barking at us up and down their fence. There was 4 pugs, a pomeranian and a chihuahua ALL announcing our presense.

Turns out that was just the distraction we needed. It took us 20 minutes before we could do them all!

Our neighbor dogs barked continuously for the entire 20 minutes we were there. There was one pug that was the ring leader and kept up the barking when the other got bored. The pomeranian was showing some very “jack russel” tendencies and was bouncing back and forth between the dogs dedicated to barking at us trying to start some good natured trouble.

We need to find more distractions like these dogs!

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