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Naughty Dog

Rugby at College
While we were off visiting family this weekend, Rugby let me know why we try not to skip training days. In his boredom, the ever-evolving Rugby showed how creative he could be to stay busy.
Short story – When he wasn’t lounging on the couch, Rugby spent the weekend very successfully teaching my family to give him treats on command. Then he found a way to climb onto the kitchen table so that he could greet us there when we got back from lunch. 
While he still did his fair share of chasing toys and zoomies in the backyard, I am impressed with the challenges that Rugby chose to tackle during our trip. I know my family had no idea they were being trained. I am also sure he climbed on the table just to see if he could.
I am off on vacation, and Rugby is staying with his friends at Applewoods. There will be a surplus of little dogs there this week so he will have plenty of playmates!

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