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Monkey Dog (15 Days…)

We did indeed go to Annapolis to visit Paws Pet Boutique yesterday. Rugby had a great time, even though I wouldn’t say he was on his best behavior. The wonderful people at Paws gave Rugby a treat and being the jerk that he is, he took it and chewed it all up but didn’t eat any of it…just left all of his crumbs and pieces on the floor. Rugby was only ready to go after he announced himself to everyone in the store.
We ended up leaving with this super cute monkey sweater that he is wearing in these pictures and a blue winter jacket. Apparently Rugby was really feeling the color blue yesterday. :p
It was a small class last night so we did full distance recalls and Rugby thought it was a lot of fun. He did need a few reminders that he couldn’t just get up and come to me because everyone else got up. Before class started he did an open run through and he didn’t need his prong collar on, or his 15ft line. Wasn’t going to make those mistakes again! I actually noticed he was doind a sort of ‘drive by’ style grabbing of the dumbbell in an attempt to please me and my impatient-ness (lol). Got my thinking that we need to try it on grass, where it isn’t so easy to get and see if the problem re-appears. I hope not, but I am curious how successful we actually were this past week at fixing it.
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