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Maintaining Enthusiasm – Day 13

Only one more day until we leave for Orlando. I started to worry this morning over how generally unprepared we were for the trip. I took Rugby, and all our jumps to the park this afternoon to see just where we are. We did all the exercises in both classes twice, in a completely random order along with two sets of out of sight stays. 
The best part of it all? He was getting MORE worked up as we kept working. It reminded me of a good day at the gym when you feel more energized leaving than when you went in. I planned on doing another round of exercises, but I didn’t dare ruin the enthusiasm he was giving me. He couldn’t have calmed my nerves any better than by working so well and trying as hard as he did today. It was such a relief. 
We packed up and drove to the pet store. Mostly just for a picture. We also bought a portable water bowl since I am terrible at remember to bring something for Rugby to drink out of when we travel. He usually ends up having to drink out of whatever water I can get to stay in my hand. Luckily, he doesn’t drink much. Once we found our portable water bowl we went searching for this picture. Rugby doesn’t eat kibble, or any processed food for that matter, but he can hide behind it. This hole in the shelf was exactly Rugby sized! 
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