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Little Dogs

There is only one thing not to love about my little dog. It is the fact that at seven pounds, everything has the potential to eat him.

Whoa! This thing has teeth!
Cas, the puppy, learns that Rugby needs space too!

Birds of prey, coyotes, and larger dogs just to name a few. I know first hand what it is like to loose a dog to another dog’s attack. It is what makes me constantly analyzing body language of surrounding dogs. If I see it coming, I can scoop Rugby up or move him to a safe place before the “look” escalates to anything more.

This is an important job for us little dog owners. We have to worry about dog aggression, prey drive and even the dogs that play roughly. Our dogs won’t do it for us either. Rugby is too outgoing and trusting to stop himself from walking into an open mouth.

This becomes a much harder job in situations where other dogs are not under control of their owners. Dogs that are so out of control that they break or slip out of their collars/harnesses, pull the leashes from their owners’ hands, drag their owners behind them, or are lacking the training to be able to perform a recall (come when called) when off the lead with distractions are dangerous. Even if they are “friendly.”

I was pleasantly surprised to come across this poster online the other day.

DINOS Ask First! PosterGreat message, and the poster says all the right things. I just have one tiny bone to pick. Their website uses DINOS (dog in need of space) to instill the importance of leash laws to dog owners far and wide. However, maintaining control over your dog has little to do with whether or not they are attached to a leash.

Leash laws don’t prevent unwanted encounters. Training does.

The messages is still a good one, and having good etiquette when out and about with your four legged companion is important if we want to continue to have access to public places.

Thanks to Dogs in Need of Space! And Rugby thanks you for giving him space!

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