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Let it Melt

It is a wonderful, sunny 45*F outside today. To take advantage of the warm weather Rugby and I set our jumps up outside and did a little bit of work. He did pretty well in class last night so I was surprised to see the crooked fronts I got from him today. It was okay though because we spent a couple minutes on them and he started giving me straight ones again.
We also noticed that with the 45* weather, the snow melts. Before it is all gone (that may never happen) Rugby and I took some pictures/video of him in the tunnels that my brother dug for him. :p

I also drove over to the famers market today in search of more variety to add to Rugby’s bone meals. I got him pork neck bones, ox tail (I don’t know why they even had that there but it looks little enough for Rugby to eat) and chicken backs. This is his first try with all these things so we will see how it goes!

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