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Just Say No

You might think this is just a picture of a few dogs doing down stays while a fourth dog works scent articles, but it is so much more than that! It is a picture of four dogs that have learned to say no to distraction. Saying NO is an essential part of our training method and one that requires the dog to take responsibility for their actions and make good decisions.

In this situation, Sugar had to say no to his friends that he had spent the last hour playing with in the river. At the same time, Sandy, Rugby and Sherpa ALL averted their gaze as a way to say no to Sugar and any invitation he may have been offering as he came straight towards them. By looking away, they took the pressure off Sugar and made the decision to keep working easier for everyone.

Dogs that make good decisions in the face of distraction have way more fun than the dogs that haven’t been taught to. The possibilities continue to amaze me. 


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