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Jack Russel Terrors


If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting a Jack Russel Terror before, take my word for it, they live up to that name! Rugby remembers the kind of stuff Rosie gets into around the yard from her previous stays at Applewoods. Rosie and Rugby had the yard to themselves for a while while the big dogs dried off inside and they took full advantage of it.

Rugby wasn’t taking any chances with Rosie and made sure to supervise her every move. It is only logical, since he is practically an expert on the yard rules.
Exploring Together

I can see the wheels turning in this picture. “What does she think she is doing?!”
Rosie shows Rugby the ropes

Rugby purposefully planted himself in her way so that she would leave the stumps alone and start acting like a normal dog (you know… on the ground and all) again.
Stump is all yours, Rugby!

And before you get the idea that Rugby was learning a trick or two from Rosie, you should know this was part of his plan. You see, Rugby could keep an eye on Rosie with much more efficiency from the stump on the left. Thats all.
I *think* I can reach it!

He even acted as traffic control for part of their yard time. He perfected the act of literally keeping his eyes on Rosie AND running beside her at the same time.
Catch me if you can

Nice work today, Rugby. I knew we could count on you! 

P.S. – Rosie is not actually a “Terror,” but it does make for a better story.

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