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It was almost warm today (13 Days…)

It was really nice outside today compared to what we have been stuck with as far as weather goes. Today I decided our red and green object would be one of the dog houses in the kennel runs outside. Surprisingly it only took longer for Rugby to trot over to me from where he was in the back of the yard than it did to get them all to pose and take the picture. The only trouble was that everyone wanted to be on the roof. I am regretting not letting them all get on the roof now, but I had it in my head earlier that someone needed to be in the dog house. I chose Pete, as he was the most willing to stay in there.

Rugby was in heaven today since he was finally able to work again. He did wonderfully, and he is getting lots closer to being able to make a video like Pete’s. Today he was doing the ‘swing’ command off lead for the first time. He was also much much better about moving his hind end around for fronts as I turned in a circle today. It is getting closer!

Somehow, I skrewed up my countdown and there are less than 13 days left till Christmas. It will be the right number tomorrow. LOL

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