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Sleepy Head


We have been packing, cleaning, unpacking, organizing and moving the past week and a half. Rugby has been busy peeing all around the perimeter of his new yard and having zoomies in his new living room. I made sure that his beds and his favorite toys were the first things to be moved to ensure that he would have something familiar here for him.

It didn’t help much and Rugby wouldn’t sleep in his beds. That was until I got to the box with all his toys. As I was unpacking the box, Rugby took inventory and checked on every. single. toy. He squeaked them, made sure they still fit in his mouth and surveyed his all mighty collection. His collection fills an entire pop-up kennel, with toys to spare for stashing in every room of the house.

When his toys were unpacked, Rugby slept (in his own bed). Phew. Welcome home.

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