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In the Dog House

So after the match last Sunday, I realized that Rugby hadn’t been playing with the other dogs in the yard (which he loves to do) for probably a week or so. I finally decided to stop ignoring Margot since she has been nagging me, telling me that Rugby was just plain tired and not broken at all. He hasn’t been worked at all since then and is on a two week vacation from all things involving using up his energy.

I was worried he might be sick since on Thursday he was still sleeping all the time and not playing with the other dogs. However he is getting quite annoying now around the house so I assume his energy is returning.

For now, Rugby is still stuck in the dog house untill next week.
It is a shame too, since he missed out on this trip to the park! I took Lily, the golden I am working with instead and she certainly didn’t complain about it.
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