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His New Sport?

This weekend was the end of Rugby’s introduction to Agility. In the four trials Rugby participated in over the last week and a half, he improved for each one. He got a little faster, a little more confident, and little more excited about being at the show. I think we started working better as a team and it is safe to say that Rugby thinks agility is a blast. We tried to get videos of all of our runs, but only ended up with two of each. I think you can see improvement between the two sets of videos.

First Trial

Second Trial

He finished his standard title on Saturday, and his jumpers title on Sunday. We tried our hand at Open Standard on Sunday and while the course intimidated me, Rugby did surprisingly well! We had to re-try the weaves when he did 11 of them and popped out at the end, then I forgot to tell him to take the A-frame and he walk around it and had to re-try that too. With a little luck, I think Open is also an obtainable goal.

He is entered in one more two-day Agility trial this year, but we are going to pull our entry and continue our agility trialing next year. Our goals for this year have been met, and we need to focus on preparing for the invitational now. This has been a nice change of pace and I see that there is a certain appeal to Agility, that is much different than Obedience. Rugby, the Agility dog? …Yes! It is in his future!

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