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Half Way There

Rugby hasn’t stopped moving since February. We have been extra busy working, training and teaching the past couple of weeks. Now that we are half way through March, it is time to slow down again. 
Rugby ate his first whole bird a two weeks ago. The quail should have lasted Rugby for two meals, but he finished it in one. He also made an enormous mess of his face.

Rugby has truly embracing his mature, working dog status. He was a huge help in teaching Bell to walk nicely on a leash while we were visiting her earlier this month. By the end of the week Rugby had convinced her that heel position was THE place to be and the two of them took turns walking in the proper position. 

The long awaited hair cut finally came. It was bad. Very bad. This is Rugby half-way done and already showing signs of a bad grooming job.

As far as Rugby’s quest for his Obedience Trial Championship? He is half-way! Rugby won the Utility B class at the Lancaster Kennel Club for 27 points, and another point from a 3rd place in Open B. That was good enough for his 3rd UDX leg and High Combined. 
Fatigue started to set in the next day and it showed in his wild exuberance in the ring. He held it together enough to earn his 4th UDX leg, and then he checked out. He was tired and distracted by the time we made it into the ring Saturday. We NQed in Utility, and I let him have the rest of the weekend off. We need to work on his mental stamina! 
He did end the weekend with a new total of 54 OTCH points and 4 UDX legs. I am very happy with him! 
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