Gym Membership

In an effort to motivate people to continue training their dogs after their lessons have stopped, we have added several on going classes to our schedule and created a LFL Gym Membership plan. Graduates of any of our programs to drop into these classes as they wish, or purchase a month long “pass” to come to any or all of them. The weekly schedule will be as follows.

Mondays from 8:00 – 9:00 pmĀ  Gym Class

Thursdays from 6:30 – 7:30 pm Gym Class

Saturdays from 9:00 – 10:00 am Dog Park Class

Saturdays from 10:00 – 11:00 am Heeling Class

Gym Class

Gym class is a general, intermediate level class to give your dog a mental workout. We can problem solve during this time, proof and perfect your basic obedience commands to make them more reliable and advance them in difficulty, teach and practice fitness exercises, learn new tricks, use other people and dogs present as socialization opportunities, etc. This class has a loose training format so we can customize each days curriculum to the dogs in class that day. Open to graduates of all levels and ages. Drop in rate for Gym Class is $20/class.

Dog Park Class

Learn how to make a controlled entrance into the dog park, teach your dog to come when called even when they are engaged with play behaviors, learn to read dog body language and when you need to intervene, practice doing all of those things in a controlled environment with known dogs and owners. Dogs are allowed to play and socialize after training. Open to graduates of all levels and ages. Drop in rate for Dog Park Class is $5/class.

Heeling Class

Heeling Class is held outdoors, and focuses on advancing your heeling and outdoor obedience skills no matter what level your dog is working. This class can accommodate students still perfecting on leash obedience skills, and students working on their off-leash obedience. While we will focus on heeling, you can expect to practice position changes, stays and recalls in this session as well. Open to graduates of any LFL adult dog training program. Drop in rate for Heeling Class is $20/class.

Membership Pricing

Monthly LFL Gym Membership – $75

Six Months of Gym Memberships – $420 ($70/month)

Twelve Months of Gym Memberships – $780 ($65/month)


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