Group Hikes

Dori and Diesel

Take your training to the trails. We will have occasional group hikes with Leash Free Living students. Due to the nature of the hikes, these events will be less structured than our Power Training Sessions. We can provide light coaching to students as needed but depending on the size of the group, we could be spread out a bit.

Please follow good trail etiquette while on group hikes. Keep your dogs on the path, clean up after them, and move to the side when other hikers/bikers are passing (preferably with your dog in a sit).

It is not recommended to take small puppies on hikes. The trails we choose will be pretty moderate, so older puppies (>5 months)

should be able to handle them easily. I recommend bringing both a 6ft leash and a 15 ft leash for young dogs to allow them more space on the train, while still maintaining control of them. Adult dogs should be walked on 6ft leashes or shorter.

Dirty Rugby

There is not much space on the trail to move away from distractions, or make turns to correct for improper heel position/pulling. Be prepared for that. Come “armed” with appropriate training collars, treats, toys, and training aids that will help you manage your dog on the hike. We will give you some tips before heading out.

Other things to consider – Wear close toed shoes. Bring a towel or two to dry them off before you have to load them into the car in case they get muddy or wet during the hike. This is a bit more strenuous than Power Training, so bring water for them. During the summer months, make sure to wear bug repellent and check for ticks after the hike.

The Details

Where? Join our e-mail list for our next hiking locations. It will differ each time. Hikes might be outside of our normal service areas.

Weather? If we need to reschedule for weather, I will post on the Leash Free Living facebook page. Feel free to text, call or e-mail if you have questions.

RSVP No need to sign up or enroll anywhere. The training session is offered at no cost to get your dogs (and mine) out of the house!

Manners! Not all dogs attending the group hikes will be friendly. Please be courteous and keep your dogs on task and under control unless you have received permission from the dog’s owners for you to approach with or without your dog.


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