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Grass Stains

Rugby and I went down the street to get some training in before I had to go back to school, and before the thunderstorms started. Our neighbor dogs, were out again today barking up a storm. We rushed over to get some work in before they went inside again.

This time I set up scent articles about 20ft from their fence. I stood 20 ft away from the pile, so that Rugby was being sent straight towards the barking Pugs (and the Pomeranian too). He was VERY distracted by them. He got the metal one right, but took three tries to get the leather one without help from me. By the third try with the leather article the dogs were called inside and our distraction was gone. Good timing!

Sometime before we were finished with our gloves, go-outs and heeling (all of which were lovely) I noticed something very strange about Rugby. He had grass stains on his feet!

Grass Stains
That is a first! I think he was going for that authentic ‘Rugby player’ look! 

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