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Good Start

Rugby finished out the new year on a high note with a photo shoot at Applewoods. This photo shoot was intended to be a Christmas photo shoot, but we didn’t get to it soon enough. It turned into a more general ‘holiday’ photo shoot.

I had this great idea to have Rugby hold one of the bows, and even made him a little handle by folding the unpeeled sticky side so it stuck out. It looks like Rugby is being censored though, doesn’t it?

All the dogs thought we were being a little silly and loved playing along with us. We were using Brandy, Pete, Rugby, Sanity, Sugar, Caruso and Ellie for the pictures and got a couple worth sharing.


We were welcomed into the new year with really warm weather, so off to the park we went! Rugby was just ON today. I love when he has days like this. There are some days that he just has something extra to give and he is so much fun to work with.

We did directed jumping, signals, gloves, retrieve over the high jump and the broad jump. The only thing he wasn’t so great on was the broad jump, where he kept going to fast and giving me crooked fronts. We worked on that and just as we were about to go, our audience asked if they could meet him. My answer was, “Of course, and you can help us train too!”

The two girls scented up articles for us and watched Rugby work them. While I collected the jumps, they helped Rugby get out some zoomies that he had and Rugby ran and ran and ran with them. I think we are ready for 2011.

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