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Global Animal Blogging Event 2010

 So what is this GABE thing anyways?

GABE was started by Twinkie to bring animal bloggers together. Head over to Twinkie’s blog for rules and details on the event. You can join in all the way up to the 10th. After that (both active or passive participants) just browse through the blog links listed on Twinkie’s GABE page to meet new blogging friends and leave comments for a chance to win giveways while you are there. GABE ends on the 18th, so comment away untill then.

We thought long and hard and finally came up with a giveway! We will pick the winner when the event closes on April 18th.

Drumroll please…..

We will be giving away a copy of Mud Heaven by Margot Woods.

Definetely a good read – Mud Heaven is a compilation of short stories about living with and training dogs from a dog trainers persepective.
For a better description of the book than I am capable of giving, visit the link above.
If you didn’t know, Margot Woods is our dog trainer extrodinaire (her blog)!!!  One of the main dogs of the book is Wrap, Rugby’s first doberman girlfriend who taught him a wealth of information about surviving in a big-dog’s world. I think some of her roles in the book have a lot to do with why Mister Rugby is so dobe-obsessed these days!
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