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Getting Closer

Spring is almost upon us. It is game time for Diesel in Open. Time to start picking trials and dates and having definitive goals. Polish, polish, and polish some more.

This video is the first of two runs at the match on Sunday. We were the first dogs in, so our match judge was explaining how the run would work to everyone and that takes up a bit of the video. I was too lazy to edit it out. We don’t start heeling until 0:38.

Here is our updated training list based on this weekend’s performances.

Heeling – It was a little inconsistent but he stayed with me.  We have been working on about turns and even though he needed some help on the second about turn at the end, they are steadily improving.

Figure 8 – Still a work in progress. He goes wide on the outside turn, but at least he is keeping up with me now. He also isn’t bumping me on the inside curve now either.

Drop on Recall – I have no complaints, except for Fronts and Finishes.

Retrieve on the Flat – No complaints

Retrieve over the High Jump – I didn’t send him on the first throw because he was starting to anticipate. He waited for me on the second throw but then couldn’t find the dumbbell right away. We have to practice not going on the first try.  The up-side is that he kept looking until he found it. He is also finally jumping full height, and he is not ticking the jump even without ground poles in front for guidance.

Broad Jump – I think he is finally understanding the exercise. As soon as he started taking the jump consistently without me running, he started going wide after the jump. Not a big deal, and that should be a little easier to fix then walking through the broad jump boards.

Stays – Stays deserve a whole post to themselves. This has been our sticky point. I have had to re-teach out of sight stays. Now that I have, he is making progress again. He needed help with the first set of stays, but held the second set of stays all by himself.

He had another run after this one, and everything was improved. Heeling, fronts, finishes, etc. However he showed more stress signs and was more distracted between exercises. My best guess for the increased stress, but better performance in the second run is that he needed a potty break.  I took him out afterwards and he had to go!

Hope we can fix our mistakes quickly, because we are going to make our debut in April!

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