Free Dog Training Evaluations

Every dog is different. And although all can benefit from training, there are many different paths to the best behavior possible. That’s why we highly recommend that we take some time to evaluate your dog before starting on any plan.

Yes, Free!

If you can come to one of our training locations during our set times, we’ll run your dog through a short evaluation and talk with you about the situation and your goals. We’ll discuss options and the best plan to meet those goals. All for free. So what do you have to lose if you’re considering training? Click here to make an appointment.

Can’t Get To US?

For a nominal fee, and if you live within our training radius, we can come to you. We’ll also try to plan enough time that if you’d like to start training, we’ll jump right in. Click here to make an appointment


Feeling overwhelmed with options? Contact us to set up a free evaluation of your dog at our training location. We'll help you pick the right training program.


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