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First Ever

…picture of Rugby running his big mouth. 🙂

I can’t believe its taken 2 years for my to get a picture of Rugby barking. I guess I haven’t been trying hard enough. He is so cute barking, isn’t he?!

Rugby was being a big baby about pictures today. He kept complaining that the sun was too bright and he couldn’t possibly look towards the camera. So most of the pictures looked like this, with his eyes closed or his head turned. 

I’m TRYING to be patient with you…


When I turn my head back, you better have put the camera away.

Then he saw a dog walking down the other side of the street and all of a sudden he forgot about how annoying the sun was in his eyes. This is Rugby’s growling face – gotta protect the pumpkin.

He eventually gave up trying to chase the dog away since they thought we were either pretty strange or pretty interesting and stayed there for a while watching. These are the closest pictures we got to our goal.

 What did I do to get him to stop complaining???
I left him on a stay and walked around the corner and out-of-sight for a bit. He was very curious about where I had gone without him, if he had missed out on anything fun, and when I was coming back for him. He stayed curious for long enough to get this picture…
We can add that to the list of reason to keep the out-of-sight stays in obedience. Good boy, Rugby!
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