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Filling Holes

Jett, a Captive AudienceThis past weekend, I wanted to see how well Diesel and I have been doing with our self-assigned homework after the last match a couple of weeks ago. There were lots of opportunities to take advantage of this weekend (Jett came to one too for some extra socialization and had a blast. He wants to be an Obedience dog!).

We went to three matches. Our goal was to find any holes in the training and fill them. It was a success! We established a warm up routine, we found some problems, fixed some problems, reinforced good behaviors, corrected bad ones. The biggest improvement was seen in the stays. He held the stays at all three matches, even the two that were in new places with new distractions.

I peeked through the window during out of sight stays at the third match and could see Diesel through the mirror. He even had his head down! What a relief!

Group Stays

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