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Just here to share some photos today. No one gets to know how the dogs did until tomorrow. I will only tell you that I am not loosing any sleep tonight over their performances!
If you are involved in obedience you know that group stays are a hot topic these days. I think they are a necessity and an important test for the dogs… BUT I also think it is potentially dangerous for small dogs. What would solve the problem completely is if people actually trained their dogs (but lets not count on that). I was thinking the other day if they put the dogs in jump height order (even if novice dogs aren’t jumping anything) then at least they would be next to dogs their own size.

It wouldn’t have worked out for poor Ellie today though, who was in the ring with the following breeds: Giant Schnauzer, Black Russian Terrier, Sheltie, Doberman, American Sttaffordshire terrier and a Newfie!

It all started out OK with the dogs sitting in their designated spots…

Until the Amstaff’s owner was sent to retrieve her dog, since she had begun to check out all the other dogs in the line up. Good thing Ellie has some big dog experience, and she held her stay as the Amstaff strolled on by.

Her owner was slow enough that she got all the way to the end and started to stare down this lovely Giant Schnauzer (who had just come from finishing his Championship) at the very end.
Unfortunately her challenge was accepted by the Schnauzer and his owner had to retrieve him as well.
The good part of this story is that there was just a lot of posturing and no teeth involved.
The Amstaff was excused, but the GS was able to redo his sit-stay. It was still too much commotion for this Dobe to handle though.
Much more room in the down stays though!! What a good girl Ellie is for holding her stays through all of it!
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