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Festive… Day 8

Rugby and I have been busy training the past few days. We are trying to stay motivated so that the chilly temperatures don’t scare us into staying inside. Yesterday we tried to do as much as we can inside, doodling and practicing fronts and finishes. We were ultimately forced to go outside to practice gloves. This morning we threw our jumps up and did go outs and signals just before we froze to death. It is only going to get colder from here! :-O

Day 8   Day 8

We went for a quick walk around the neighborhood and stumbled across this house. They had a fully functioning Ferris wheel, giving rides to stuffed snowmen, penguins, and Santa! Their neighbors had a teeter totter with similar stuffed toys going up and down. Rugby thought it was a little bit scary and gave them a good, loud bark to get them to stop. He was unsuccessful.

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