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Early Morning Pest

Thursday night Rugby went early to class with Pete to do an open run through. MUCH better than last time. He is just really sloppy now and needs some cleaning up. He thought about pulling another high jump stunt, but have instructions to run away from him when he gets over there to bring him back quicker. I wasn’t sure it would work since most times when I run away from him he just stares at me, but was working Thursday so hopefully it will continue.

He has been practicing his scent articles too and is getting better and better. Yesterday we got the exective decision that he is in fact using his nose, and to keep practicing for another week.

We have a guest again today. Thats right – Zena. Rugby hasn’t had an opportunity to say hello yet since she got here late last night. But he DESPERATELY wants to. He has been bugging me all morning since they let her out an hour ago and he can hear her running around upstairs. It is kind of driving me crazy. I took him outside at midnight last night so I know he doesn’t have to use the bathroom. He might have given up (cross fingers) since he has been sitting still for a whole 3 minutes not whining, sniffing at the door, walking on me, licking me face, laying on my chest, digging at my covers, putting his toy in my fcae, walking in circles around my bed, etc.

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