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Drop on Recall

Our goals for this year have changed several times over the last six months, and it is the reason that Diesel has been added back into the training schedule. With renewed goals of a Companion Dog Excellent title (and eventually a Utility Dog title?), I have spent the past month refreshing his memory and getting him back in shape after a 5 month long break.

Six weeks into his training, he is jumping full height again, polishing up his heeling and well on his way to doing out of sight stays. Diesel the Open dog is slowly being revealed.

The thing that was in the worst repair after his summer hiatus was the drop on recall. It wasn’t great when we stopped training and it was much worse when we started again this fall. I was a slacker the first time around. All that drilling can be so boring!

No time for excuses anymore. We started from scratch. Drop from a sit at 6ft, then out to 40ft, drop from a stand at 6ft, then out to 40 ft, some moving drops, and finally a drop on recall starting at about 10ft and working our way out to 40ft. It took several weeks, and I think we finally have a drop on recall worthy of the obedience ring.

All we need now is to proof for anticipation and distractions. That is the fun part!

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