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Doodle Bug

So last night we actually did go get our jumps out of the car and SURPRISE…they fit in our basement!! Just barely, but they fit (one at a time). Here is a video of us doodling a bit yesterday. We did all our open exercises except the figure 8. We even did some heeling, minus pace changes. Maybe we won’t go completely insane after all.

A couple things I noticed looking at the video:

About half the time I think he is forged in heel position. It isn’t that bad, and I am not even sure if I am going to address it. He is so small I think if I put any effort at stopping the forging, I will end up with him lagging and that is a little harder to fix. I am going to ignore it for now.

Then on the drop on recall, the second one in this video…he started coming when I said his name, and not when I said come. I didn’t notice it untill I watched it on the computer. Something else to keep an eye out for.

Besides those things we just have to work on the regular stuff. More fronts and finishes, more jump repetitions and utility exercises. And of course…heeling too if the snow ever melts.

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