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My friend was recently approved to be foster home for a local rescue, and got her first one yesterday. Rugby and I went to her house between classes today and had a photo-shoot so she can be put on Petfinder. She came in with a litter but they got placed somewhere else, they would be 8 weeks old today. She is verrry sweet but could use a few pounds (and a little more confidence wouldn’t hurt either). She looooved Rugby. Also, it is very hard to get pictures of a dog that doesn’t really know how to stay and constantly wants to be leaning on you for itches!

We started off inside, where she was being incredibly boring. The bichon in the background is Lacey, she belongs to my friend, but isn’t as in love with Doobie as Rugby is.
 So we moved outside where Rugby let Doobie know who is boss
He proceded to try teaching her how to be a good dog and heel when she is out for walks.
It started off really well….
However, it turns out Rugby isn’t strong enough for a dog like Doobie and she has a short attention span.
So he gave up on her and got some zoomies out.
Rugby felt bad that Doobie had to be on a leash so we moved to the backyard. After a couple days of melting snow, Rugby figured out that he can now walk across the snow without falling in.
Finally, Doobie decided Rugby was worth playing with.
So….they played and played.
The rest of the photos are here, including the ones of just Doobie.

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