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For a few short minutes every night, a soft crunching noise fills the living room. It is a very distinct crunch, sort of a sloppy crunch as opposed to a crack or snapping. It is coming from Rugby’s cage, as he methodically swallows baby rabbits whole. He always starts with the head, for some reason.

Rugby is fed a raw meaty bones diet, although his dinner doesn’t always have a face when he eats it. He loves the raw food, and I love it too! His poop is smaller and hardly smells at all, but the best part is that his teeth get cleaned with all that crunching, chewing, and ripping he does.

There is a down side to this type of diet, and it is mostly inconvenience! Rugby has his own freezer and he has to remind me every morning to take his food out so it can defrost in time for dinner. Our other complaint is for the especially messy meals that leaves Rugby with a blood stained beard and legs that need cleaning. Oh the things we do for our dogs!

What do your dogs eat? Would love to see videos of your dogs while they ‘chow down!’

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