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Rugby is here just warning everyone – Click it or Ticket!!!
Turns out he much prefers his car seat!! Ha!
On a completely different note, I started to volunteer for NAIA Shelter Project.

“A program dedicated to further reducing the number of adoptable pets that are euthanized in our shelters...

The centerpiece of this project is the collection and publication of shelter data. Specifically, we are gathering shelter statistics that show the number of dogs and cats impounded, returned to their owners, adopted out or euthanized…”

The beginning of this is first finding where the data is going to come from. It is my job to make a list of shelters and rescues in Maryland, and it has really been an eye opening experience!

With over 200 Maryland organizations listed on alone, the thing that confuses me the most is that everyone and their mother wants to start a rescue. Why does there need to be 230 rescues?? A number of these have no dogs. An ever bigger number of those rescues has less than 5 dogs. Can’t they all just get together to help each other?

Maybe if the shelter system was consolidated, the different shelters can cooperate by trading dogs, etc instead of the empty ones importing dog from foreign countries to stay open.

Lastly, how can sooo many rescues who are trying to help dogs list some of the biggest animal rights groups on their websites? Don’t most animal rights groups just kill 95% of the dogs they get in?

I hope the Shelter Project will help answer/resolve some of these questions! If you have some spare time, shoot them an e-mail to see how you can help!

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