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Day 5. Lola is taking over

Today was Lola’s last field trip! She goes home tomorrow, and she is more than ready! Lola is one super smart doodle. Today she walked around a local shopping center and practiced maintaining self control around new people. It was a very successful session!  

Pumpkin, Kitty’s Cat

Pumpkin is the office cat at Kitty’s. If you have ever had your dog groomed there, gone there for a Leash Free Living group class, or had a private lesson there… you know who she is. This brave cat makes frequent appearances during training sessions to make sure everyone knows she runs the place. Except… Read more »

Day 2. Home Improvement Field Trip

Rugby, Bourbon and Lola (5 month old Goldendoodle puppy) went to Lowes today for a training field trip! The big dogs did walk all by themselves, but the picture of them in the shopping cart was too cute to pass up. Rugby was in charge of navigation, Bourbon was the muscle and Lola was just… Read more »

Our Favorite Advent Calendar

It is finally time again to start celebrating Christmas with our Rugby themed online advent calendar! It will be an advent calendar of pictures, where I post a photo of Rugby with something RED, and something GREEN every day. This is our 5th year doing this, so if you fish through the archives you can… Read more »

Parker’s New Titles

I am happy to report that Leash Free Living has yet ANOTHER new Companion Dog Title to brag about. This time the brag belongs to Parker the Maltese and Rubina, his owner. Parker’s story is so great because obedience training has done more than help him earn his CD title. Parker started as an agility… Read more »

Pumpkin Patch

Rugby, Bourbon and our friend Parker went to the pumpkin patch last week to get in the spirit of Halloween. We had to drive quite a ways to find a dog friendly farm, and I am so glad that we did! The dogs got to socialize with all of the scarecrows, do recalls through the… Read more »

Zach the Companion Dog

Leash Free Living has a new Companion Dog to brag about! Zach, the Golden Retriever, made his debut in the AKC Novice ring last month in Macungie, PA. In order to earn a Companion Dog title, the dog must show in Novice Obedience and qualify three times, under two different judges. This particular show offered… Read more »

We’ve been busy!

The blog has been a little neglected lately, but the dogs have not! Bourbon has been socializing, training and growing like a weed. Diesel is working on his Utility exercises, and Rugby is officially back to work on his Agility goals for this year. We have lots to share, so we need to plan for some… Read more »

Getting to know Bourbon

Bourbon has been with us for a more than a month now and she has been keeping me and Rugby busy! There are lots of lessons Bourbon needs to learn to get her started on the path to becoming an enjoyable companion.  Here are some lessons that she has started already. Almost the entire list… Read more »

Rugby’s Specialty Experience

Rugby was back in Orlando this week for the American Maltese Association’s Obedience Trial at the National Specialty. There is nothing like being at a show with over 100 Maltese and the people that love them to make you truly appreciate what a great breed this is. Rugby agrees too, and is convinced that each… Read more »

The Leash Free Living Dogs

Diesel and Rugby represented Leash Free Living well in Harrisburg this weekend. Diesel finished up his Companion Dog Excellent Title with scores of 193.5 (second place) and 192.5 in Open B. While he was a bit more sloppy here than on his first try, this show site was also more distracting. I am so glad… Read more »

Diesel’s Debut

Diesel made his debut in Open at the Diamond State German Shepherd Dog Club’s GSD Specialty this morning. He felt at home surrounded by the other shepherds and it was fun to see how similarly the dogs of the same breed behaved in and out of the ring. Diesel did a fabulous job in the… Read more »

Little Dogs

There is only one thing not to love about my little dog. It is the fact that at seven pounds, everything has the potential to eat him. Birds of prey, coyotes, and larger dogs just to name a few. I know first hand what it is like to loose a dog to another dog’s attack. It… Read more »

When stay problems aren’t stay problems.

A couple of months ago, during a lesson where Diesel was acting as my demo dog, I put him on a stay in the corner, walked away to continue teaching and soon I had a dog standing 6 ft from me and staring, wondering why I was not paying attention to him (that is not… Read more »

Filling Holes

This past weekend, I wanted to see how well Diesel and I have been doing with our self-assigned homework after the last match a couple of weeks ago. There were lots of opportunities to take advantage of this weekend (Jett came to one too for some extra socialization and had a blast. He wants to… Read more »