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New place

So we worked some place he had never been before, so a new set of distractions. We got ‘un-focused’ only once this time. Placed from 6 ft and away, and did lots more stands. He was very well behaved Didn’t tire him out quite as much as this morning though, and he was a little… Read more »

Hello World

So we are actually going to use this new motivation of ours. We went out this morning and did some training. We took our place board and heeled our way over to an open area. He did pretty good on the heeling, and the sit were really nice in the beginning too. We place from… Read more »

Class Again

Rugby went to class again tonight. We were a little ball of energy so we weren’t quite as good as last time. We did a couple stays, comes, heeling, a little bit of standing and a tiny bit of backing. To work on…we really really need a stand and a down. I am getting frusterated… Read more »


Rugby only worked the tiniest amount yesterday. When we in the basement cleaning a little bit and found a couple of different things for him to place on. I had left his leash upstairs so if he decided he wasn’t going to it would have been a little difficult to enforce it. Luckily I didn’t… Read more »

Back to Work

So Rugby has had it easy the past couple of days with halloween and all but it is time to get back to the training. Yesterday at a friends house, I was able to tell him to sit while he was on the couch and I was at the table. This is really good, as… Read more »

Halloween Class

Rugby went and participated in class for the first time last night. He was soo good–I was really impressed with him. We did stays from wayyy farther and for longer than we have done them before and he behaved better than I could have asked of him! 😀 Here are some pictures of him doing… Read more »

Yappy Halloween

No formal work today, instead we went to a halloween party. Rugby was soo brave, especially with the multiple great danes there. He did very well though and made lots of friends and also had lots of admirers. We have a picture from the photographer there, but I snapped a few snap shots of a… Read more »

More Placing

Rugby practiced his places somewhere new yesterday, on a more elevated place board. He did really well, and we were able to get further than 4.5 feet (to 6 ft), although I would not say it is ‘solid.’ It was quite amusing though one of the times he placed he caught a glimpse of some… Read more »

Rainy Day

You can see how sleepy Rugby was after a nice long training session…. Yesterday Rugby was trying his hardest to chase the neighbors away by barking at them through the front door. I was all the way in the kitchen, and I though…might as well try and knelt down with a ‘Rugby come.’ Much to… Read more »

Mini Class

Yesterday Rugby and Duke the doberman went for a walk together. We worked on our heeling, sits, stays and stands. He was really distracted, but was able to hold it together. His stands are getting really good :). He did have to work more than usual because he was distracted, and he was soo tired… Read more »


Rugby and I skipped today, and went down to the farm. (This was very stupid of me as I had just given him a bath the morning, but hindsight is always 20/20 right?) He ran around like crazy and played with Joy, the jack russel. We worked on our recall a little, not ‘formaly’ but… Read more »

Review Day

We were very productive today to make up for the lack or motivation/time yesterday. We did some places which he did very well at again today. It was earlier in the day, so we had some dogs and kids and people walking by for distractions. He did bark at them, but he did it all… Read more »


Rugby didn’t do anything today He was just my little buddy when I was running around today but we didn’t do any work. We might practice a few ‘places’ later tonight, just so he doesn’t feel bad for missing a day. He saw those shi tzus that we watched all last week again today and… Read more »


This morning Rugby practiced his heeling. He was quite distracted, but got along okay. We did a few stands but they were a little dissapointing. This evening we did a bunch of stands untill he figured it out again. (has been a while for this too). Now he will stand (most of the time) just… Read more »


Tonight Rugby was re-introduced to the place. We started before, but haven’t worked on it for at least a week. He did wayyyyy better than expected. He not only remembered, but he really out-did himself. By the end he didn’t need the initial “leash pushing,” just the direction with my hand and he went all… Read more »


Okay, It is time for me to make Rugby an official training blog at least to motivate me be consistent with the training 😉 As an introduction– this is him. He is 5 months old now.