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Send Your Dog

We have been breaking each exercise down and re-building it so that we both have it down a little better. In the process, I focused on a problem with our scent articles. I was giving the signal the wrong way. When…

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Farm Sitting

Rugby is farm sitting this week with me. He isn't allowed to meet any of the goats, or horses, or ducks because I am afraid he will get stepped on. He has met the chickens though. I can't tell any…

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Delivery Dog

It started in the car. That's when we gave Rugby the card for his favorite person. Rugby already knew where we were and proudly carried it up the porch and into the house. Once inside, he wasted no time heading to where…

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Never Leaving

We haven't seen any yet but two different neighbors have told us about snakes they keep seeing around our building. Maybe its because I don't know anything about snakes, but I am freaking out. Rugby goes outside at night basically…

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