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Christmas Time

Rugby had a wonderful christmas. He helped me make a ton of dog cookies and he got turkey neck breakfast and was cooked a spring vegetable dinner (asparagus, scallions, cauliflower, carrots…yum). He loved all of it…he is such a pig ;). So Margot keeps telling me how dogs sort of ‘group’ together based on how… Read more »

More Pictures

Just throwing some up after an afternoon of picture taking. I think they are pretty self-explanitory…here they are!

Trouble Maker

That couldn’t possible be a word describing Rugby right? Think again! The other day I was being particularly lazy and did not clean his crate pan after a delicious turkey neck dinner and I had an exam the next morning. Instead of overcoming the lack of motivation I had I decided just to stick him… Read more »

Yuck School

Okay Everything is pretty much the same as last time I posted. The retrieve is at 6 inches, and is ready to be moved to 1 ft, but finals are getting in the way of that (tomorrow is the last one! YEA!). Poor Rugby has been pretty bored this finals week, but he is learning… Read more »


It has been a while. Rugby pretty much has the down covered. I still need to help him a little bit, but he goes down by himself, with a very purposful plop and some tail wagging. :p I am not sure that the stand is getting too much better. We have stopped focusing on the… Read more »

Picture :)

Just a couple of those christmas pictures we took. You can sort of see the nice ‘yellow’ color he has to him LOL. We need to take new pictures. 😉

Let the Games Begin

So maybe I lied about Rugby being ok with the down. When we went back, he was still….nervous about it. He got to the point of when I knelt down to put him in a place, he was laying down by himself, so I snuck the ‘down’ command in there and have been using it… Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving

Rugby did his usual training, but nothing really new. The down was lots lots better today, didn’t phase him at all. Visiting friends this afternoon though, there was a little boy that was just in love with Rugby (don’t really know how old he is…4 maybe?). He was calling him to him, and petting him… Read more »

Long time,

So, it has been a while. Rugby has been diligently working on his stand. 3 days ago we started adding the ‘stand’ command and yesterday he decided he didn’t know what it was, but he didn’t completely forget, just needs some more help so we will continue, on this long long road of the stand…. Read more »

Good Morning

We worked this morning and got to work on a lot of things. We did more negative space work, and more stands and stays too. I think our stay problem was that we just haven’t been practicing staying for long periods of time like we should so we fixed that this morning. We also did… Read more »

Thursday Night

So. Class time. We behaved better than last time, but we still hace lots to work on. So I know this is like the 100th time I have said that we are GOING to GET the stand, but this time we really are–just because we need to learn to ‘down.’ Then our dumbell is coming,… Read more »


I know, I know, I know. I am slapping my hand right now for not training enough with Rugby. We did go to the barn today, and he was a little more sensible around the horses, so he could spend less time in his crate. He played and played and played with Joyful, and got… Read more »

Fall is almost over!

So just had to take some pictures before all we have is snow on the ground! (YEAH FOR SNOW) Today was our first snow–nothing special but it was so great to see all that white stuff falling from the sky! This first picture with his tongue out is my favorite 😉 He has been doing… Read more »


So, snapped a few pictures before bed time tonight. His eyes look much better! Still a little redness, but so much less! This is my favorite picture of the happy guy.


Okay, so it was really hard to get up and train again this evening, but Rugby was plenty of energy so we went for it. Just stands and stands and stands then some comes. Stands were good. I think we improved from last night, but it has definetely decreased in quality since last week. Humph…. Read more »


So last night Rugby went to class again. He was having trouble coming though. He did one of two things. 1) Came but stopped a couple feet from me jumping around like a crazy boy or 2) just stayed untill I called him twice and then he proceeded to do the above. So to fix… Read more »


So, we didn’t end up working another time today but we were able to make Rugby his own negative space. It is a little bit big, but I figure if it needs another inch taken off the side than that is better than having it cut too short. He DID however, once the negative space… Read more »


Okay, just practiced a bit more when we went outside to use the bathroom today. This time, the stand instead of going through the typical phases, was just mediocre the whole time. I did not have to actually lift him up, but I did have to continue the whole stroke down to his belly. It… Read more »

Over and Over

Okay, so we did have two trainig sessions as promised. First one was a little shaky, because he would sit in heel position when I stoped, but he kept insisting that he face me…in heel position? So when I reached down to move his back end towards me so that he was facing the right… Read more »


So I haven’t worked on it as much as I would have liked, but it did get done ever day this weekend. Saturday there was only a small time frame to work with him, so I had to disturb his napping to work. He wasn’t too unhappy about it, but it did drastically reduce the… Read more »