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On Campus

Rugby finally got his stitches removed today (longer than one week…i know :p). He was already wound up pretty tight from not really doing anything for two whole weeks, but once his feet were free….he was a wild man! Before when we were waiting in the vets office to get them out the ladys at… Read more »


Well, not really toothless, but he does have less teeth! He is feeling much better today than yesterday after the surgery. He is pretty much back to normal. Hardest part of it all is that he really is fine, but he still isn’t allowed to have too much ‘exercise’ so he doesn’t break the stitches… Read more »

Teeth Pulling

Rugby and I are about to head out to go to the vets today. I am a little nervous and I know teeth pulling isn’t anything serious but still! Yesterday was a nice long boring day for Rugby. I had school and work so he pretty much did nothing. I know my sister took him… Read more »

This Morning

Today Rugby worked a little bit… We did some downs, stands and ‘places.’ We ran short on time so Rugby had to come to school with me today. Since the class started at 11:30, parking was scarce and we had quite a walk (that he had to heel the whole time) to get to the… Read more »


So Zena was sent home today. Sunday we had a ‘lesson’ with Zena and her owner so that he could see how to walk her, and handle her in a way that is condusive to her new manners. Rugby was my ‘demo’ dog, and he behaved very nicely to demonstrate how to walk and how… Read more »

Long Week

Rugby and I were left this week watching Zena, a pug/JRT mix dog. I have to admitt that I really hated her when she came. Her owners had done her a huge disservice by not socializing her, teaching her any manner, exercising her, etc. She also didn’t play very well and spent a lot of… Read more »

Improvement :)

So Rugby went to class tonight. I was soo proud of him. Tonight was the first time he did a stand-stay in class, and also the first time he had to stand for exam for anyone but my brother without me beside him. He was great and if he broke the stand I missed it…. Read more »

Missed Pictures

So, found a couple more pictures of Rugby on my sister’s camera that I hadn’t seen. This was a couple weeks ago before he got his haircut, while I was in Florida. I think my favorite picture is the one with the bunny ears. It just suits him. 😉 ha

Funny Boy

I woke up to this sound this morning…I tried to ignore it, but I just kept thinking it was Rugby at the door and he needed to go outside. As much as I wanted to sleep, I did not want to clean up any of his morning bathroom break from my room. So I fought… Read more »

Ice and Snow

This morning Rugby went outside to pee on what was snow, but now is just a layer of ice. He was peeing on a slight slope, and he tried to lift his leg when his other back leg started slidding back. So he gave up on the 3-legged peeing and just stood there, as all… Read more »

Shagg Dog

Here is Rugby in the New Year. We were outside working on some heeling, recalls and holding. He did pretty darn good. We also started our retrieve class last Saturday, so he is going to be a learning machiene.


So it hasn’t gotten any warmer (3* when I went to work this morning), but thank GOD it is supposed to get up in the high 30’s tomorrow. I just can’t take it anymore! We have been working a little bit yesterday and today. We held our dumbell and went up and down the stairs… Read more »

It is so COLD!

So, got back from Florida yesterday, was pretty excited to see Rugby. I have decided that next time he is coming with me. 😉 I definetely wasn’t expecting it to be this cold outisde! It is a high of 20* today!! We just went outside to potty and it was only 12*. Poor Rugby, we… Read more »


So Rugby has stayed home with the family while I am off in Florida this week. This is the first time I have had to leave him since we got him! I am a little scared (don’t trust too many people with my puppy…including my family) but I am sure that he will survive. I… Read more »

Class Time

So, Rugby went to class, and he did pretty well except that he forgot how to come! (not entirely, but…..still sucked). We actually had been working on it, but only at home so that is where the problem comes. We need more distractions and more places to practice. He did good with everything else though…. Read more »

Hold it

Now that we are back to training more regularly I think Rugby is much more happy. Sunday we took a walk at our grandmothers house, and worked on our heel, down, stand stay and come. The down and stand were good, the heeling while moving was okay. The problem is he knows he has to… Read more »

Back to Work

We have really been slacking, and taken a break over the holdiays from most of the formal training. Today we got back to work a little bit. Started with fetching. He really loves to retrieve and is doing really really well. I think we need to work on the hold (officially) so we can work… Read more »

Tons and tons of photos

Rugby surprised me very much today by hanging out with the big dogs. I really hadn’t been letting him go out when all of them were in the yard just scared he would get trampled on…but I guess I didn’t really have to worry about that. He loved running with all the dogs, and he… Read more »


Here are a couple of pictures from that photoshoot with Pete, Truman and Sanity.