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Obstacle Course

We had great weather and good company for our Wednesday training session at the kennel. Since the dogs in the kennel had enough training to hold stays with distractions, we put them to the test and made them form an obstacle course for Rugby to go through. We practiced with each dog individually before setting… Read more »

Waterbury Recreational Area

We had a great turnout at the Power Training Session today at Waterbury Recreational Area. Thanks so much to the dog and owner teams that showed up to train with us! I love seeing so many well behaved and mannerly dogs in one place! It was a blast!      

Figure 8

I showed up to class a little early on Tuesday to see if Rugby could generalize his “go around” trick to something a little more familiar than an indo board. I used Bourbon’s legs as our posts and had Rugby practice going around her front legs and her back legs one at a time (Thanks… Read more »

Zach – Companion Dog Excellent

I somehow forgot to post about our latest Obedience title. Oops! Zach earned his Companion Dog Excellent title last month in York, PA with a 190/200. I didn’t get a chance to record his third leg, but I do have video from his second leg a few months before (below). Rugby made the trip up… Read more »

Peer Pressure

We borrowed some of the Leash Free Living dogs out of Day Care and Boarding last week for a St. Patrick’s Day photo shoot. Taking group photos is so much easier with trained dogs! This group has three dog reactive dogs, two dogs with less than 4 days of training under their belt and one… Read more »

Snow Day with Rugby

Classes are cancelled today because of the ice, and since we are stuck inside I decided to play some games with Rugby and Bourbon. I started our session by teaching Bourbon to go around a post. That only took a few seconds since she is a genius so I asked Rugby to try too. He… Read more »

Bourbon – Companion Dog

Bourbon finished her Companion Dog title last weekend at the Potomac Valley Shetland Sheepdog Obedience Trials and earned two legs towards her Rally Advanced title. Here is a video of Bourbon on Saturday in Novice, where she earned a 193 and first place. Here is a video of Bourbon earning a perfect score in Rally… Read more »

Day Twenty-one. Stocking Stealers

  This photo took forever to take, since Bourbon had to re-learn how to bow, then hold the bow and tolerate Rugby standing on top of her. We were inspired by this photo that showed up on my Facebook feed the other day. I think if we practiced this a few more times, Bourbon and… Read more »