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Capturing the Shake

     While we were at the show last weekend, we took a break on the last day to visit the creek that was across the street. We just admired from a distance, but our training buddy, Ben (the Golden Retriever), went for a swim. I just got finished going through the pictures and was thoroughly entertained by all the pictures of Ben shaking. Since he shook off just about every time he got out of the water, there are more pictures of him shaking than there are of anything else.

The photos of Ben reminded me of an old picture of mine. This one is of Rugby’s predecessor, Mandi, taken after one of her weekly baths. I don’t have nearly as many pictures of her as I do of Rugby, but the photo below makes the short list.

What are the odds that someone would send me a link to this gallery of shaking dogs today? That is how I realized that I don’t have ANY worthy pictures of Rugby shaking. I am sure one or two exist, but I can’t seem to find them. Rugby’s only comical post-bath photo, is not of him shaking. We need to work on this. It might have to wait till next year when it is warm enough for him to go swimming again.
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