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Class & Event Calendar

Class & Event Calendar

*All classes will be held outdoors, and limited to 8 people. Virtual options of each class will remain available*

Virtual Gym Class

Join us weekly for a guided obedience practice with your peers. We will give you exercises to complete, with variations to adjust for your dogs skill level. Great opportunity to give your dog a mental workout, maintain your skills, and motivate you to keep practicing and socialize with like-minded dog owners.

Every Wednesday at 7:00 pm

Limited number of in-person spots are also available. You can reserve them through the client portal, here.

The Social Dog Workshop

Join us at LFL to practice polite greeting with some of your peers. If your dog is too excited when meeting new dogs or people, nervous around new people or dogs? This workshop is for you! We will go through exercise meant to teach emotional self control, so you can feel confident when you approach distractions our in public, or even at your front door.

We’ve added another session to the Monday Social Dog Workshop so we can accommodate more dogs! This is a fun one-time workshop to work on desensitizing your dogs to people and dog distractions. You can check out a few of our distraction stations from the last workshop below.

Monday, 6/29 at 8:00 pm


Reserve your spot in the client portal.

Intro to E-Collar Class

This is a four week class to introduce your dog to the e-collar, and teach you how to easily add it to your obedience tool box without stressing out your dog. You will need a class approved e-collar for class. While it is possible to teach e-collar and basic obedience at the same time, we HIGHLY recommend that your dog completes basic training before taking this course.

Monday’s at 6:30 pm, July
Enroll through the client portal.
$100/4 weeks

LFL 212 Stay & Heel

This is a four week class is intended as continuing education for Beginner Group Class graduates. We will practice increasing difficulty, problem solving and application of the Stay & Heel commands during this course.

Monday’s at 7:30 pm, July
Enroll through the client portal.
$100/4 weeks


Rally Novice Run-Throughs

We will have the first two (of five) AKC Virtual Rally Novice courses set up for you to run your dogs through. We will be there to provide coaching and feedback if you want it. You can also use this opportunity to video your run for submission to the AKC.

Sunday 6/12, 3:00 – 5:00 pm
Enroll through the client portal.

Retrieve Workshop

This is a one hour workshop to work on the formal retrieve. Dogs will be of varying levels and will be assigned work based on their experience. If you want your dog to fetch non-toy items, this workshop is for you!

Thursday 6/16, 7:00 pm
Enroll through the client portal.

Social Distancing Bingo

If you’re feeling a little restless at home with your dog, we’ve come up with a whole bingo board full of social distancing-approved activities that you can do with your dog!

As you complete them, share with #LFLBingo on social media.

To make the game a little bit more fun, we’ve added a prize! Each time you complete a BINGO, you will win a 30 minute Virtual Private Lesson! Offer expires on May 18th, 2020. The bingo fun can live on forever though, even if you miss the deadline.






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