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Broken Nose

Rugby has been thinking hard about his nose and how to fix it so he can start doing articles.


Yesterday while working articles, Rugby had a bit of an attitude at first since they are so confusing for him.

I sent him the first time and he got the right one and came back to me. I told him he was very smart, and Rugby rolled his eyes at me and returned to heel position. And again, but this time when I congratulated him he just tilted his head a bit and went to heel position. Third time, he looked at me and his tail wagged but only once. On the fourth time he did not hold back on his tail wagging and wagged away all the way ‘till he had reached heel position again. For the last one, Rugby was wagging his tail well before he got to me, and when I praised him he stood up and threw his head back in a fit of pride.

He got them all correct, but could he possible have just ‘gotten it’ out of the blue??

Today started off without any of that sulking before hand which made me hopeful. Then he went for the wrong article twice. Once he got it right again though, he was quick to resort to his tail wagging once more. We were able to work for longer today without his loosing focus, getting bored, or frying his brain. So, why all of a sudden is he getting happy about articles if he still doesn’t get it?!

Maybe he just started wagging his tail to mock me. Yeah…that’s probably it. :p

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