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Class Time

So, Rugby went to class, and he did pretty well except that he forgot how to come! (not entirely, but.....still sucked). We actually had been working on it, but only at home so that is where the problem comes. We…

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Hold it

Now that we are back to training more regularly I think Rugby is much more happy. Sunday we took a walk at our grandmothers house, and worked on our heel, down, stand stay and come. The down and stand were…

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Back to Work

We have really been slacking, and taken a break over the holdiays from most of the formal training. Today we got back to work a little bit.Started with fetching. He really loves to retrieve and is doing really really well.…

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Christmas Time

Rugby had a wonderful christmas. He helped me make a ton of dog cookies and he got turkey neck breakfast and was cooked a spring vegetable dinner (asparagus, scallions, cauliflower, carrots...yum). He loved all of it...he is such a pig…

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Trouble Maker

That couldn't possible be a word describing Rugby right? Think again! The other day I was being particularly lazy and did not clean his crate pan after a delicious turkey neck dinner and I had an exam the next morning.…

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Yuck School

OkayEverything is pretty much the same as last time I posted. The retrieve is at 6 inches, and is ready to be moved to 1 ft, but finals are getting in the way of that (tomorrow is the last one!…

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