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A year

Rugby is going to be turning one in just a couple of weeks, and looking back at his puppy hood...he has come a long way. I had given up on taking him to class since I was always so nervous…

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Rugby and I went to Patapsco State Park yesterday and he had a great time. :P Here are some pictures of the big guy. He really loved running in the water. He got a bad case of the zoomies and…

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On Campus

Rugby finally got his stitches removed today (longer than one week...i know :p). He was already wound up pretty tight from not really doing anything for two whole weeks, but once his feet were free....he was a wild man!Before when…

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Well, not really toothless, but he does have less teeth! :) He is feeling much better today than yesterday after the surgery. He is pretty much back to normal. Hardest part of it all is that he really is fine,…

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Teeth Pulling

Rugby and I are about to head out to go to the vets today. I am a little nervous and I know teeth pulling isn't anything serious but still!Yesterday was a nice long boring day for Rugby. I had school…

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This Morning

Today Rugby worked a little bit...We did some downs, stands and 'places.' We ran short on time so Rugby had to come to school with me today. Since the class started at 11:30, parking was scarce and we had quite…

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