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Bum Day

I was stuck at home today with my car in the shop, so I cleaned Rugby up and had a little photo-shoot with him. This morning, my dad was making noises behind Rugby, and I am fairly certain that Rugby…

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Canadian Dogs

I have made it to Canada. This post isn't about Rugby but it is about dogs so I think it is sort of appropriate. I have been amazed with the dogs in this city. the dogs here happily walk along…

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Adult Life

This has been a long weekend for poor Rugby. I have been soo busy outside of work that he has been feeling a little neglected. We have been still been taking our walks and working, but it isn't the same…

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Memorial Day

Rugby had a fantastic weekend. He is really growing up, and it shows with how he behaves in public (and at home too :p). Sunday was a family get together and of course I brough Rugby along. He was incredibly…

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Present #1

Rugby got new collars today from and he loves them! They aren't really birthday presents, but that I what I told him they were. :p He has been needing a slip collar since his chain one stopped fitting over…

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