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365 days.

A year ago today, I was flying down to Alabama to pick up a maltese puppy. Rugby was that puppy. I love this litte dog, he has come such a long way. I couldn't have asked for a better companion.I…

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Rugy is still dirty because I don't want to have to bath him again Thursday before his show. Procrastinating in the hopes that I will create less work for myself. We spent a good amount of time on the heeling…

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One Word

There is only one word to describe how Rugby ended up today = FILTHYI am not sure how he has come to perfect the art of accumulating that much dirty on his body but he is quite good at it.…

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Scent Articles

Today we introduced scent articles. This included placing the article in tall grass where it is hidden, and sending him for it. He is sent in the hopes that he will eventually not just stumble upon it by luck but…

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Male Dogs

Today was frustrating. Rugby's favorite dog in the whole wide world was there. Just the last couple times he has seen her he has decided that he wants her to be his girlfriend and has started to hump her. This…

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Heeling/HaltsToday Rugby improved tremendously - he didn't lag at all for me to even have to correct him. The about turns were the same old story, he threw in a couple of wide ones today I think mostly just to…

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Rugby got some real work done as far as our sloppy parts are concerned. We have a plan to fix his occasional lagging, halts and just about everything else.Heeling/Halts:The lagging is just going to take a leash correction when he…

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