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Flea Scare

Were you wondering what Rugby was doing at the vet's office? We had a flea scare last week. I think we are out of the woods now. I feel confident enough that he is rid of those parasites that I have started…

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Rugby is a big boy now. He has put on some weight recently and is now a healthy SEVEN pounds! They didn't even have him use the little dog scale this time at the vet's office. I put him on…

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Safety First

[youtube]This week is Sarge's Community Safety Week. Next week is National Fire Prevention Week. Since we just finished learning How to keep Your Maltese Warm, our roll over command was already polished up and ready to be used else…

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Friday Night Football

Rugby is sending his support, and he won't be making an appearance at the game. Its too cold already, and dogs aren't really allowed (just like the rest of Elizabethtown, PA).Its been a rough season so far. At least they have…

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Unofficial Mascot

Remember when Rugby and I attended the Laurel Dog Show last year? He went again this year as the unofficial mascot of Applewoods Dog Training.Rugby sat at the table and handed out flyers, raffle tickets, tail wags and kisses (to…

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Walking in the Rain

After a full week of being thoroughly neglected, Rugby finally got some training time in today. The first half we worked on go-outs. We found a great spot with sand and mulch to practice in, so that my driveway markers…

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Back in the game

Rugby went to a match this weekend. He was a maniac! Even though I could hard contain him during his first Open run, he was surprisingly precise. He gave me straight fronts, straight finishes, and tight heeling for both runs.Things…

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Laundry Dog

I will admit that I couldn't get all the laundry to the laundry room in one trip today. Maybe I put it off for a little too long. :-pRugby was there though, and he is plenty capable of helping. So I put him…

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