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Better Safe than Sorry

I would like to talk about dog aggression. I responded to a plea to save a dog on a blog that I follow.
This got me thinking, and I believe people really don’t understand completely what dog aggression is.
I think I have a better idea than most, but I can certainly point you towards a few people that know way more than I do if you are interested. The point I attempt to make here is that dog aggression is dangerous. Dog aggression come in lots of shapes and sizes. Dog aggression can go unseen to the untrained eye. Dog aggression can be unpredictable (arguably also requires and untrained eye).
Meet Mattie, the German Shepherd. She is a dog killer. She has attacked 3 different dog, one of died, one of them was attacked twice. These pictures were taken after two dogs had already been attacked and before the third dog was killed. What aggression can you see??
The following dogs are wanna be dog killers who have been unsuccessful only because they found themselves at Applewoods Dog Training before it was too late.
Meet Lily, the golden retriever. Some where about the time her thyroid stopped working all together, she caught the dog aggression bug. She has put holes in a number of dogs. It has taken me training her for two months for her to respect me enough to maintain self control around these dogs (besides the work that her owners have put in). What aggression can you see in her??
Meet Brandy, the Kerry Blue Terrier. She is dog aggressive. She has been successful at a couple attacks and at putting herself on the short list for her county of residence. What aggression can you see in her??
Meet Claudia. She is dog aggressive. What aggression can you see in her??
Catch my drift?

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