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Being Agile

Yes, we are continuing with our Agility goals. Our biggest obstacle in teaching agility is not having all the equipment available to us just yet. We did make a set of weave poles, we have a tunnel and several jumps. This has given us a pretty good start. The occasional visit to a local agility facility to use their equipment has kept us moving in the right direction.

This week, when he was running a course on the agility equipment… he was going fast. I had to run he was going so fast! It only lasted as long as two runs before he started to get tired. I think some more swimming is in order to build up his stamina. This is the change I was waiting for. As he continues to learn agility, his confidence will grow and his speed will increase. 
I have a short video of Rugby’s weaves over the last few weeks. He is doing them correctly about 70% of the time. He is doing 6 poles now, and I will wait till that percentage is higher before adding any more.

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