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Battle of the Bags [10]

Battle of the Bags

Rugby has logged a fair number of miles in his SturdiBag Flex-Height Carrier, and it was even our go-to around town carrier for a while. After about a month of daily use, Rugby started asking to come out every time he was loaded up, and he started to avoid the bag when he knew it was time to go.  That is when the Argo Pet Avion carrier came in.

Battle of the Bags It appealed to me because the large grey area on both side, and on the top is actually mesh. When he is inside, Rugby can see out of the bag, but no one can see into the bag. If you pay really close attention, you might catch a glimpse of Rugby’s black points moving around, but its not likely. The down side is, I can’t see in either. I don’t know how Rugby is doing unless I unzip the small “reach in” zipper at the top and peek at him.

Entry into the bag is a little awkward if Rugby is going to hop in himself. He often gets in, lays down, and still has one last leg hanging out of the bag. He is still eager to get in, even after a couple of months of almost daily use now.

The base of the bag is a cushioned plastic material that Teafco calls a cooling pad. With a cooling pad in place, it isn’t surprising that Rugby has yet to overheat in there. I am just as happy that on chilly days when I reach my hand in, the bottom is toasty, and so is Rugby!

The Argo also has a large back pocket, and two pockets where the handles fold into when you are using the shoulder strap. In an airplane, the bag will have to lay on its back side to fit under the seat, so Rugby will have to lay on whatever I put in either of the back pockets. Without the rigid sides like the SturdiBag, I imagine whatever goes in the front pocket will also weigh down the top of the bag into Rugby’s space when on a plane.

Battle of the BagsSo here is my┬ádilemma. Which bag do I take on the plane? The SturdiBag, that has served us well in the past, but has fallen out of favor with Rugby? Or the super secret Argo that he currently prefers, but whose walls don’t give him the same space protection of the SturdiBag? Help me choose!

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