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Back to the Beach

I headed back to the beach this weekend, this time with Rugby in tow. He was entered this weekend at the Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club Obedience Trials. We have been incredibly busy the past couple of weeks and a weekend spent at a dog show was a welcome break. Rugby thought so too. He took Saturday off completely. He took the wrong glove in Utility and took a nap during his Sit/Stay in Open.

He was whining with excitement when we arrived Sunday morning. Game time. Thanks for remembering what these dog show things are, Rugby. Utility was first. Greatly improved from yesterday, and straight fronts and finishes to boot!


I was dreading Open stays. How unlucky are we to have Downs first for the second day in a row? We DID practiced Sit/Stays after the show on Saturday, but it didn’t help me to worry any less about him taking a nap and throwing away his run again. He was awake enough today, I guess and held his Sit for the entire 3 minutes. No nap-time for Rugby. Phew.


Qualifying in both Open and Utility gave Rugby his second UDX leg. He earned a 197 in Utility B for 1st place and 20 OTCH points. He also earned a 197.5 in Open B for 3rd place and High Combined. Rugby was great. He has a couple of weeks before heading off to our next show. We have more than a few things to keep working on until then.

And… notice Rugby’s hair cut that he didn’t get. I never got around to it. 
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