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Argo Pet Avion Carrier

The Argo Pet Avion Carrier prevailed in our Battle of the Bags. Rugby’s first choice was a good one! It was easy and comfortable to carry through the airport, fit under the seat well and gave Rugby lots of privacy without compromising his ventilation.Peeking Rugby

The shoulder strap and the handles are both long enough to wear over the shoulder. I wish there was a third option with much shorter handles for easier maneuverability for times when the bag isn’t being worn. I am sure there is a way I can create shorter handles since there are D-rings where the shoulder strap attaches, just have to do some experimenting.

The only thing about this bag that showed it was a pet carrier was the ticket Southwest attached to it that said “pet carrier” on it. People had no idea, and some after reading the tag had to ask if there really was a dog inside. Rugby was happy to stick his nose out and say hello to them.

There was no sliding, twisting or turning required to get the bag under the seat in the airplane. I was shocked how much easier it was than the SturdiBag. A definite win for this bag. We sat in the middle each time and had room to spare. I think it will also fit under the window and aisle seats if turned sideways, but didn’t get a chance to confirm it. Next time!

Argo Pet Avion Under Seat Argo Pet Avion Under Seat

Even without rigid walls, the bag did not collapse down on Rugby and we don’t have any space problems to report. The stiff mesh sides help the bag to hold its shape during travel.

Open Argo Pet Avion

Did I mention it was so much easier to get under the seat? So. Much. Easier.

When we arrived at our destination and had to wait for our ride, the bag opened up so that Rugby could stand, stretch, circle, get some air, whatever he wanted, while still being “contained” in the bag.

And one of the bag’s most redeeming qualities was its ability to transform from a pet carrier to a ‘carry-all’ once we got to the show site. I could carry Rugby’s scent article bag, my purse, camera, pet sling, Rugby’s blanket, and show catalog easily and all in one trip.

Versatile Pet Carrier

It is safe to say that we will be using the Argo Pet Avion Carrier again. I highly recommend this bag for both every day use, and for travel for Rugby-sized dogs.

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