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…and a Maltese too!

Rugby has been outnumbered the last couple of days while we entertaining Bailey, Bentley and Krista Bell. This picture is from the first time Rugby met the puppy, Krista Bell. Not much has changed a year later, except my ability to get a good group shot of them.

Rugby loved playing with Bell the past few days. She helped me wear him out when I was busy studying!

She also taught him how little dogs are supposed to look out the window. Since the windows go all the way to the floor, they certainly didn’t need to sit on the couch to see out.

Rugby taught her a few things too though, and was able to get her to do things she may not have known she was doing. Like heeling, (walking side by side with Rugby) or being attentive to my every move (following Rugby while he helps my take out the trash).

On a few rare occasions, Rugby and Bell took a rest from playing.
They both made sure to rest up well so that they could get back to playing after their nap.
I think Rugby’s Shih Tzus are going to miss him.
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