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Not too long ago, Rugby went with the whole family to an amusement park that allowed dogs. It wasn’t quite big enough to be a real ‘theme park’ so we kept referring to it as a carnival on steroids.

Rugby was a trooper and lasted all day long with us at the park. He wasn’t much interested in riding any of the roller coasters, but did a good job of hanging onto the tickets with mom while the rest of us did. 

Rugby picks the next ride

Pizza was his favorite part. While we waited in line, I had him jumping back and forth between the railings. I tried to take a picture but forgot to check the camera setting first and they didn’t turn out. Bummer.

Bring me pizza. Now.

This giant pirate was about the only guy in the whole entire park that didn’t want to pet Rugby. What a relief! I had a hard time getting Rugby to leave him. haha

Rugby's GIANT friend

He was exhausted after all the activity and slept the rest of the day. Good boy, Rugby!

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